Pencil Trivia

So, you think you know everything there is to know about the pencil? Try this fun pencil trivia and find out for sure.

Pencil Trivia Questions

01. How long of a line can a typical pencil draw?
a. A line 21 miles long
b. A line 35 miles long
c. A line 42 miles long

02. When were the very first pencils made?
a. In the 1500s
b. In the 1600s
c. In the 1700s

03. What are the cores of today's pencils made with?
a. Charcoal
b. Graphite
c. Lead

04. What does the number on a pencil indicate?
a. The size of the core
b. The weight of the core
c. The hardness of the core

05. How tall is the biggest pencil ever made?
a. 10 meters high
b. 15 meters high
c. 20 meters high

06. How many English words can be written with the average pencil?
a. 25,000 words
b. 50,000 words
c. 75,000 words

07. In what year were erasers first attached to pencils?
a. 1858
b. 1876
c. 1902

08. What countries mainly use pencils with a green exterior, rather than yellow?
a. India and Switzerland
b. The United Kingdom and Argentina
c. Germany and Brazil

09. Who invented the pencil? Answer

Pencil Trivia Answers

01. b. A line 35 miles long / 02. a. In the 1500s / 03. b. Graphite / 04. c. The hardness of the core / 05. c. 20 meters high / 06. b. 50,000 words / 07. a. 1858 / 08. c. Germany and Brazil

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